Scouting wine doesn’t have to be intimidating. At Veraison, we believe wine exploration should be relaxed and a little bit tongue in cheek. It’s all about enjoyment. After all, it’s just grape juice.

We believe in down-to-earth, have-a-ton-of-fun, learn-something-while-you’re-at-it wine drinking.

Our Fearless Founders

In 2014, Courtney and Tim Barker founded Veraison with a mission: to change the way people experience wine. And they’re doing just that – making wine more accessible – one glass at a time.

Tim and Courtney are more than just wine connoisseurs, they’re wine fans (like paint your face, never-miss-a-game fans). They know what they’re talking about too: they have the certifications and the corks to prove it.

about_us-bio_pic-courtney1Courtney’s unofficial title is Chief Wine Drinker, but she also uses her sales and marketing superpowers to spread the Veraison message. As a fifth generation Washingtonian, Courtney has deep roots in the community and comes from a long line of Vancouver entrepreneurs.

It’s no surprise that after 16 years running marketing for Corwin Beverage Co, she took that independent spirit and her passion for wine and struck out on her own with her hubbie, Tim. When asked the secret to working with her spouse, she says, “Wine! Oh, and listening.”

Courtney is all about sharing her love of wine in a fun, approachable way. She swears people who say they don’t like red or white wine just haven’t tried enough. She may be the most laid-back (and funniest) wine expert you’ll ever meet, but don’t let her sense of humor fool you. She’s got credentials: She’s certified level 3 from WSET (distinction level 2, merit level 3), and takes ongoing classes at WSA in Portland.

When not educating Veraison Winos on the glory of the spit cup, she can be found working in the yard, gardening, camping, traveling, hiking, and cooking. She’s on the board of the Northwest Association for Blind Athletes, Legacy Salmon Creek Foundation Board and she and Tim oversee a Clark College Foundation scholarship fund in honor of her parents.

about_us-bio_pic-tim1Tim grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and has the charm and manners to match. Before Veraison, he was a financial trader and a supply-chain operations executive. When considering becoming an entrepreneur, he says Courtney gave him the courage to jump ship and start the next adventure.

Tim is the finance and operations powerhouse behind Veraison. He may be a numbers guy, but he’s passionate about wine. He loves a big bold Syrah, or an old world Côte-Rôtie. When asked how he became a wine expert – other than getting his WSET certification – he says, “A lot of tasting! Taste, taste and taste.”

He says, “More and more people are drinking wine because they love it and less because of social status.” He continues, “You can find a wine that pairs perfectly with whatever you’re doing.”

The best question Tim’s been asked by a Veraison Wino is “Is it okay to drink from the bottle?” You’ll have to ask Tim for the answer…

In his off hours, Tim can be found skiing the slopes with his wife, getting his cardio in on the CrossFit circuit, or supporting their favorite causes like Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital NICU.

About That Name…

About That Name…

Origin: From the French “véraison”

1. A French viticulture term referring to the period when grapes begin to mature and ripen, usually somewhere between late June and early August.

2. The name of world’s best little wine club and events company, located Vancouver, Washington, which has been introducing real people to great wine since 2014.