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Wine and Dessert Challenge 2017

Wine and Dessert Pairing Week 2 (1)

Do you make New Year resolutions?  Normally I have the usual list: lose weight, workout more, save money.  I start out excited and motivated but by the end of the year, nothing has really changed too much.  This year, rather than the traditional resolutions,  I wanted to accomplish something that felt good and perhaps learn something along the way.Read More…

Halloween for Grownups-Wine and Candy Guide

Halloween Riesling

It seems that pairing wine with Halloween candy is a popular trend these days.  Most blog posts pair a certain type of candy with a certain style of wine.  I find this irritating because I don’t just eat Skittles or M&M’s, two candies that pair differently with wine. I eat Snickers, Milky Way’s, Skittles, Starbursts-all ofRead More…