Lambrusco- delicious frizzante Italian red wine

The sweet Lambrusco’s that flooded the American market in the 1970’s and 80’s have a lot to do with the wines poor reputation among American wine drinkers.  The good news is, quality Lambrusco is making its way back on the shelves and I am doing my part to share the message that this wine is legit.

Like many people, I hadn’t seen or heard about this delicious Italian wine since I was a kid.  But a few years ago when I was taking my WSET course we covered it in our studies.  It jogged happy memories of summertime at my Grandma’s while we swam and played and our parents drank poolside.  With that, I bought a bottle, fixed up some meat and cheeses, sat down in front of a movie, and found my new wine bliss.

There are around 13 different Lambrusco grapes but the main three are Lambrusco di Sorbara, Lambrusco Grasparossa, and Lambrusco Salamino (named this because its clusters look like salami’s.)  The wine is deeply purple in color and is frizzante in style (slightly fizzy) rather than Spumante (sparkling.)  Flavors include blueberry and strawberry with some meatiness and at times, can be a little bitter.  I prefer to enjoy this wine with food and drink it slightly chilled.  Lambrusco pairs wonderfully with the foods of Emilia-Romagna, Italy (the region where the wine comes from) like parmesan, salami, and pasta with meat sauces.  How could you not at least try this wine if you can eat all that with it?


Notice the little bubbles around the edge
You can see the small bubbles around the edge of the wine– Frizzante

How to find the perfect Lambrusco-

Know which style of wine you enjoy and then read the label

  • Dolce (very sweet)
  • Amabile (sweet)
  • Semi-Secco (semi-dry)
  • Secco (dry)

Buy from a wine shop where they can recommend a quality wine

  • Not all Lambrusco’s are created equal and there are still plenty of not-so-good Lambrusco’s out there.  Please don’t buy a bottle from the bottom shelf of the grocery store wine aisle.  This is not quality wine. Your wine go-to person should know what style of wine you prefer and should be able to recommend something to fit your fancy. If you don’t have a wine go-to person, you should get in touch with me.
On busy weeknights, Lambrusco pairs with frozen pizza and a messy kitchen

Lambrusco Recommendations:

  • Emilia-Romagna Monte (Sec) $14.16
  • Bruscus San Valentino (Amabile) $9.32/bottle
  • Cantina Coviolo (Sec) $13.23
  • Ogni Giorno (Amabile) $13.99
  • Frattoria Moretto, pictured (Sec) $22.00

Lambrusco is a great wine for parties because people won’t expect it  and will leave your house thinking you are a smarty wine pants!  Lambrusco is also awesome with Thanksgiving dinner (and leftovers!)

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