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Malbec and Fear of Flying Episode 9 with Kristi Thompson

I am terrified to fly but I fly because I love to travel. It’s really the turbulence that gets me and even though I know I’m relatively safe, I still get freaked out.

Today’s guest, Kristi Thompson, is a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines.  We have a great chat about why it’s safe to fly, even if lightning hits the aircraft.  We also learn about her experience flying in military aircraft to Hawaii as a kid.

Not only is Kristi a flight attendant, she also owns her own business with Rodan and Fields.  Rodan and Fields is a premium skincare company and has allowed Kristi to make her own income while still having time to be a wife and a mom to two young kids.  You can reach Kristi and learn more about Rodan and Fields by emailing her at: or by visiting her website here.

Wines we tasted: MALBEC

2009 Chateau de Haute-Serre (Cahors, France) $40

The original region of Malbec, Cahors makes wines with firmer tannins and deep color.  Limestone soils help retain acidity.

2010 Barnard Griffin Malbec (Washington) $35

A relatively new grape variety in Washington State, this Malbec had notes of chocolate, cherry cola, and lots of black cherry.  Lasagne sounded good with this one!

2013 Doña Paula Malbec (Argentina) $13

A steal of a wine at this price!  Robert Parker rated 90 points.  A very well balanced wine with nice tannins and lovely acidity.  Perfect with a hamburger!