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Wine and Dessert Challenge 2017

Wine and Dessert Pairing Week 2 (1)

Do you make New Year resolutions?  Normally I have the usual list: lose weight, workout more, save money.  I start out excited and motivated but by the end of the year, nothing has really changed too much.  This year, rather than the traditional resolutions,  I wanted to accomplish something that felt good and perhaps learn something along the way.Read More…

Wine on a Dime with Allison Milhorn


This episode of The Wine Show is a new segment I’m doing with my friend Allison Milhorn called, Wine on a Dime.  We blind tasted 3 wines that my husband Tim picked out and we tried to determine what the grape variety was and if the wine was over $10, under $10, or around $10.Read More…

Can’t do Chardonnay? Try Roussanne.


If you know me at all, you know I love Chardonnay and make everyone try at least one taste.  It makes me sad that people judge a grape on one bad wine or based on what their mom drank out of a jug in the 80’s (do you really blame her?)  I get really firedRead More…

004 Episode with Billy Henry of Northwest Association for Blind Athletes


Have you ever met anyone that truly inspires you?  If not, meet Billy Henry.  Billy is visually impaired and in high school when he got tired of not having enough options for the visually impaired, he and some friends started power lifting in his garage at the age of 16.  Now 23, Billy’s organization offers over 1000Read More…

What Boxed Wine is Worth It?


Boxed wine has a less than stellar reputation for some reasons that are justified and others that are not.  I remember as a kid my parents drinking boxed Franzia Chablis and waiting for it to be empty so I could fill up the bladder with water and use it as a Barbie water-bed!