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The Lure of the Loire


The Loire Valley is my favorite wine region in France.  It’s first on my list of regions to visit because of the wide range of climates, grapes, and landscapes.  The region may not be as famous as Burgundy or Bordeaux to the regular wine drinker, but that’s why I love it- the wines are approachable toRead More…

Real Men Drink Rosé- 3 Tips to Find the Perfect Summer Rosé Wine


It’s beginning to look a lot like summer in the Northwest.  In fact, Sunday it’s supposed to be 92 degrees!  Unfortunately, I’ll be inside Chuck E Cheese celebrating my son’s 8th birthday rather than outside basking in the hot sun.  After several house inside the loud arcade with 20 other boys, I’m going to needRead More…

How To Find Wines You Like


I think people fit into one of two categories- detail oriented or big picture thinkers.  I like to think I’m a big picture thinker; I’m always daydreaming of something new I can be doing or planning my next big adventure.  My husband, on the other hand, is always asking the important questions of how muchRead More…