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What the heck is Txakoli?


Txakoli (chock-oh-lee) is a Spanish white wine worth exploring. Surprised you haven’t seen this type of wine before?  Up until the late 1980’s, Txakoli was only found in the local area within the Basque Country in Spain.  In the late 1980’s a few producers received Denominación de Origin (D.O.) certification and the wine has been growing in popularityRead More…

Food and Wine Pairing Tricks for Busy Moms


Pairing food and wine does not need to be complicated, stuffy, or give you anxiety while planning a dinner party. After all, it’s just food and juice. But pairing food and wine can make the food and the wine taste way better which is why so may people make such a fuss about it.

What Boxed Wine is Worth It?


Boxed wine has a less than stellar reputation for some reasons that are justified and others that are not.  I remember as a kid my parents drinking boxed Franzia Chablis and waiting for it to be empty so I could fill up the bladder with water and use it as a Barbie water-bed!