What the heck is Txakoli?

Txakoli (chock-oh-lee) is a Spanish white wine worth exploring. Surprised you haven’t seen this type of wine before?  Up until the late 1980’s, Txakoli was only found in the local area within the Basque Country in Spain.  In the late 1980’s a few producers received Denominación de Origin (D.O.) certification and the wine has been growing in popularity ever since.

Txakoli’s are grown in three different regions in Basque Country- Alava, Getariako, and Bizkaiko.  Within each region the wine is made primarily with the Hondarrabbi Zuri grape but the styles of the wine differ.  In Alava, you’ll find a fuller bodied wine with less acidity.  In Getariako the wines will have higher acidity and a slight effervescence while in Bizkaiko you’ll taste the minerality of the wine.

Regardless where your Txakoli is coming from, the wine is a perfect pairing with summer food.  Basque Country is near the coast of Spain so it’s no surprise this wine pairs perfectly with shellfish and seafood.  Txakoli is low in alcohol so it’s also a good option before dinner or while enjoying tapas in the afternoon sunshine!

Come try a Txakoli from each region this Thursday, August 2nd from 3pm-6pm at our shop.  It’s free for FLOK  or wine club members and $13 for others.  You can download our FLOK app now by texting “punch” to 62687.  Just follow the instructions and start earning wine rewards!