Wine and Dessert Pairing Week 2 (1)

Wine and Dessert Challenge 2017

Do you make New Year resolutions?  Normally I have the usual list: lose weight, workout more, save money.  I start out excited and motivated but by the end of the year, nothing has really changed too much.  This year, rather than the traditional resolutions,  I wanted to accomplish something that felt good and perhaps learn something along the way.  I decided to choose a word that would create a theme for my  year: Fun!  With every decision I make, how could I incorporate some sort of fun? I definitely can use more fun in my life and since starting a new business and taking care of my family this past year,  I’m ready for it!  Taking silly pictures with my sister and my daughter while being photo-bombed by my brother in-law was a good start!


As I was thinking how I would achieve more fun in my life, I realized I’m pretty rigid when it comes to my life.  I like to eat well, exercise, organize myself in a routine, and take little time for myself without feeling guilty.  What if I was to let all of that go, or at least let a bit of it go and see what happens?  The first thing I thought might bring me fun was dessert.  I don’t let myself eat too much dessert since I’m conscious about my waist line and I don’t bake because of the time and effort it takes when there’s laundry and cleaning to do.  Out with the wind went those thoughts and I set the goal to make a different dessert each week and to eat it with reckless abandon.  This would be fun, I’d learn something new, and it might take me outside my comfort zone.  All things I love.  But  then I thought about wine because of course, that’s what I do.  I love wine and I own a wine shop so I should take advantage and drink finer wine this year, right? Right!  So with that, I set out to make a dessert and drink a fine wine each week this year (52 total.)  My fine wine experience started on a high note with Opus One and Revelry on New Years Eve.


Be ready for a new blog post each week featuring the dessert and wine I chose, sometimes together, sometimes not.  Either way it’ll be FUN!

This week we are enjoying Lustau Rare Cream Sherry and Paleo Pecan Bars.

Sherry is one of my favorite wines.  From dry Fino sherry to sweet cream sherry, it’s fantastic and worth exploring.  This week we are drinking a sweet Sherry from Lustau.  Lustau is one of the oldest Bodega’s in Spain producing Sherry and they always seems to be winning some sort of award for their wines.  Lustau Rare Cream Sherry is a combination of Oloroso (made with the Palomino grape) and Pedro Ximénez, each aged in their own solera for 12 years.  It has a gorgeous caramel color smelling of ripe fruit and raisins.  It screams for Pecan bars!!  For a special treat, serve this Sherry on the rocks with an orange slice.  We have several Sherry’s in stock at the shop and for more about Sherry, visit

img_4167The recipe for the Paleo Pecan Bars I found on Pinterest at Delicious Meets Healthy.  I don’t consider myself a baker and perhaps after making 52 desserts this year, I’ll think otherwise.  Luckily for now though, these bars were easy to make, didn’t take a bunch of time, and turned out great.  My kids, who “supposedly” don’t like nuts, devoured them! I keep them in the freezer so they don’t fall apart.

Wine and Dessert 1img_4161

Stay tuned for next week’s experiment.  I’m thinking something chocolate with Zinfandel or perhaps carrot cake Chardonnay?  What do you think we should try?  Leave your comments below.